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SMIZYME Amino Plus

SMIZYME Amino Plus is designed to hydrolyze the protein in plant feed material in gastrointestinal tract of animals, and cover the shortage of the deficient of protease, especially in young animals. It can improve digestion and utilization of nutrition, especially protein. SMIZYME Amino Plus has excellent adaptability for broilers’ and layers’ gastrointestinal tract environment.


Acidic protease ≥25000U/g, Neutral protease≥25000U/g, Yellowish powder.


  1. Withstand the heat of feed pelleting. Good stability in pelleting and storage;
  2. pH range: pH2.5-6.0, optimum pH is 2.5-3.5;
  3. Derived from excellent updated strains, with high activity and great performance;
  4. High technology of deep liquid fermentation and post-processing, high concentrate and evenness;
  5. Strong stress resistances, good performance in animal digestive tract;
  6. Enzyme formula was designed according to the poultry digestive physiology and feed ingredient.


  1. Effectively hydrolyze the protein in plant feed material, cover the shortage of the deficient protease;
  2. Increase the digestibility of feed; improve the animal health and performance;
  3. Degrade the anti-nutritional material in animal feed, decrease the diarrhea;
  4. Lower the nitrogen emission and improve the farm environment.

Dosage (g/ton complete feed)




Dosage in feed(g/T)


70 - 90

1. Adjust the dosage according to the formula
2. Please dilute it with other feed ingredients before mixing