Compound for growing and finishing pigs

  • Commodity name: Compound for growing and finishing pigs



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SMIZYME Compound enzyme for growing and finishing pigs is designed especially for growing and finishing pigs according to the characteristics of feed ingredients component and pig’s digestive system, which has excellent adaptability for gastrointestinal tract environment.


  1. Increase the feed digestibility and daily weight gain.
  2. Improve the milk yield, benefit for the sow body recovery after pregnant.
  3. Reduce the quality change among different batches of feed raw materials, stabilize the feed quality.
  4. Reduce the difference of the body weight and improve the swine herd uniformity.
  5. Decrease the feed cost under the same performance


Xylanase, Glucannase, Cellulase, Mannanase, Pectinase, Amylase, Acid Protease

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