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SMIZYME Lipase is obtained by submerged fermentation and advanced post-processing technique from excellent strain, which can efficiently improve fat utilization ratio. It is a specialized product used for different animals and feed fat.


  1. Supply the endogenous enzyme for young animals, and improve the digestion and utilization of fat.
  2. Reduce weanling stress of piglets, obviously reduce diarrhea rate, and improve survival rate.
  3. Increase the feed conversion rate and improve the feed quality.
  4. Reduce the fat dosage, 40-70 kcal/kg energy can be replaced, and reduce the feed cost.
  5. Boost absorption and utilization of fat-soluble vitamin and other microelement.


  1. Wide temperature range, good heat resistance performance. More than 85% retained rate under 85℃ pelleting temperature.
  2. Wide pH range, high enzyme activity between pH 3 and pH 11.

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