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SMIZYME Mannase is an enzyme that breaks down compounds known as mannan,reduce viscosity of digesta and produce oligose. The product is used foremost as additives in feed that contains soybean meal, palm seed meal and coconut meal. Improve the nutrient utilization and keep the intestinal health.


  1. Improve the nutrients utilization.
  2. Enhance animal growth and feed conversation rate.
  3. Increase the usage of palm seed meal, coconut meal, soybean meal in formula, lower the cost.
  4. Shorten the quality variation among different batches of feed ingredients, stabilize the feed quality;
  5. Improve the animal immunity.


  1. High activity in pH 2-7.
  2. Degradation product is manno-oligosaccharides, which is a good immunostimulants.
  3. Strong tolerance for protease,heat, acid.
  4. Degrade mannan of feed ingredient, especially for the feed with high content mannan, such as palm seed meal, coconut meal, soybean meal.

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