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SMIZYME Xylanase is an endo-1,4-β-xylanase (EC which can hydrolyze the araboxylan existing in grain feed cell wall.


a) Increase the utilization of nutrients
Liberate the nutrition limited by the cell wall, increase the nutrients digestion and absorption; reduce fecal emissions; decrease the number of dirty egg.

b) Benefit the gut health of animals.
1) Reduce viscosity of digesta and limit growth of pathogens in the intestine by reducing the detrimental effects for the villi, decrease diarrhea rate
2) Produce abundant of XOS (Xylooligosaccharides), promote the growth of probiotic, inhibit the pathogenic bacterial growth and enhance the immune systems of the animals;

c) Make feed formulation strategies flexible
1) Shorten the quality discrepancy among different batches of feed raw materials, stabilize the feed product quality;
2) Increase the usage of unconventional raw materials (wheat, bran, wheat-middlings, rice bran and etc.), save the feed cost.


  1. High relative activity in wide range of pH
  2. Good tolerance to acid and pepsin
  3. Excellent temperature resistance

Dosage Form

Powder , Granular